What’s it like living in Poland? 

Poland is a country full of friendly and very hospitable people, and students are generally very communicative, keen to learn and pleasant. Although the salary doesn’t sound like much when converted into Pounds Sterling or Euros, by Polish standards we can live comfortably. We can afford to eat and drink out on a very regular basis, and explore Poland by spending cheap weekends away. To be frank, Polish isn’t the world’s easiest language, and at first it can seem daunting. However, the school offers free Polish lessons each week for teachers, and the basics are quickly mastered. Many Poles speak some English, and if you’re having trouble communicating, somebody will usually offer to help, since they are both friendly and keen to practise their English.

During holidays and long weekends, many teachers choose to spend their time exploring Poland, and trips to places like Gdańsk, Kraków, Warsaw, Łódż, Wrocław, Poznań, the Tatra mountains and even Prague and Berlin are common.