The Teachers

IH Torun has a mix of experienced and newly-qualified teachers. It’s a small school and everyone works very well together in a team. Teachers enjoy planning together and sharing their ideas. It’s a very rewarding job and teachers feel that they progress and develop well during an academic year at IH Torun.

Quotes from IH Torun Teachers (past and present)

Mike Tomkins: The IH Torun staff room is always full of supportive people and great ideas. I’ve learned so much since I came here!

Amy Assadi: Come to IH Torun as a newly-qualified teacher, leave with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

James Jones: Working at IH Torun makes you realise not only what your students are capable of, but also what you’re capable of.

Hassan Tadi: Torun really is a jewel in the crown. I first arrived here in 1994, and fell in love with both the school and the town, which is a rare combination. After 5 years in Morocco, I came back again for some more.

Richard Walker: Torun is Poland’s biggest secret! It’s full of atmospheric bars, cheap beer and stunning medieval architecture. The school is committed to the development of new teachers, and the atmosphere is friendly and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed my year here, and look forward to returning in September!

Will Dickerson: I’ve seen a lot of places in the world, but nothing compares to the view of Torun as you come over the bridge for the first time. The town is beautiful all through the year, and the school is well-resourced and supportive. Come to Torun and live your life to the full!

Lynsey Tarr: I thoroughly enjoyed my year in Torun. It has been hard work, but worth it. It’s good for teacher development and there is continuous support and training from senior teachers. There is also a vibrant social scene, with a wide selection of restaurants and bars. Try the famous Zubrowka (Bison grass vodka) when you arrive!